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Adam's Peak

Ratnapura - Sri Lanka

Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak

One of Sri Lanka's must-sees, Adam's Peak is a huge conical mountain at 2,243 meters high in the country's central highlands, topped by a sacred foothold revered by all religions. Apart from being a holy tourist destination, Adam's Peak is extremely popular among tourists for its impressive beauty and unparalleled climbing. The seventh highest peak in Sri Lanka, the peak is also known as Sri Padaya (Sacred Footpath) and Samanala Kanda (Butterfly Mountain)


Adam's Peak is often considered a sacred place for all religious groups. At the top, the mountain is adorned with a large rock with a large footprint, considered to be the Buddha in Buddhist tradition, Sri Rama in Hindu mythology, and the prophet of Adam in Christian and Islamic beliefs.The peak is very attractive with densely vegetated hills that facilitate the best trekking 
experience. Also four main rivers of the country namely Kalu, Mahaweli, Kelani and Walaway and various other tributaries are the source of this mountain and there are many waterfalls. Home to a wide range of unique birds, reptiles and mammals, Adams Peak has a rich biodiversity with a wide range of native plants.


Simply put, the best season to visit Adam's Peak is between January and May, when the rainfall in the region is low and there is  pleasant sunshine throughout the day. On the southern fringes of the Central Highlands, where Adam's Peak is located, the safe 
summer season occurs between December and April. During this time you can experience a warm atmospheric temperature of an average of 29 degrees Celsius with clear skies. The pilgrimage season here starts from Duruthu Poha in December or January and lasts until Vesak Poha in May, while April is the busiest time for the school holidays and the Sri Lankan New Year holidays. So it is recommended to take your pilgrim calm and easy in the initial months. Many climb the mountain at night to enjoy the daylight at the peak.


Here at Adam's Peak, there is much more to this 2,243 meter high mountain than just the view. You will enjoy scenic valleys, rusticlooking environments and lush foliage everywhere you go up the hill. Perhaps this gives you the best hiking and climbing experience through steep slopes with 5,500 steps. You don't need technical hiking equipment to cover 4 hours of hiking and a 
decent 2 hours, but a nice pair of shoes or boots and a level of fitness. If you climb in the AM at night, you will have the golden opportunity to witness the pure sunrise reaching the peak before 7 AM as the clouds pass beneath you. The hilltop area is reserved for visiting Buddhist monasteries and monks for the sacred experience.


During the pilgrimage season, there are plenty of tea stalls and restaurants where you can sit for a while to have deep-fried local snacks, chickpeas, roti and coffee and tea. Pure tea powder right from the plantation. However, if you want to take care of a particular diet, it is better to keep your own food with you. The night life here will be more hectic and interesting as many people like to climb the peak at night. Lanterns and tube lights will illuminate the way up, in the off-season, the path can be dark with only a few food stalls. There are fresh rooms here and there to answer nature's call. You can choose restaurants and hotels with good accommodation and food in Dalhousie.


During leisure time Sripada pilgrimage can be considered as the most difficult but most beautiful mountain trek in Sri Lanka. Even with the changeable weather, you can walk about 16 kilometers in a row. Sometimes the rain that falls will be like a thorn. By the time you reach the top of Sripada, the fog will be so thick that the person next to us cannot see. Also the wind will blow so hard that it will be difficult for you to even stand upright. However, this journey will be an unforgettable journey of your life and will be an experience of a lifetime.


  • Hatton – Nallathanniya road
  • Kuruwita – Eratna road
  • Ratnapura – Palabadala road
  • Dehenakanda – Mukkuwatta road
  • Sandagalathenna Road
  • Deraniyagala – Udamaliboda road
  • is one of those roads.

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